In the school year 2019/20 we are educating students for the following programs:

Electrotechnician – 4 years
Computer technician – 4 years
Mechatronics technician – 4 years
Electrician – 3 years
Electrotechnician – 3 + 2 years

Educational process scheme:

Module represents an integral knowledge in certain professional area. Professional theory, practical lessons and general subjects are interconnected within one module. Practical training is held in various companies and business-to-business training centers. Time period spent for practical training differs according to different levels of education:

  • 4-year secondary professional education (4 weeks),
  • 3-year vocational education (24 weeks),
  • 2-year vocational technical education (2 weeks)

An important part of the educational process is open curriculum, which means that 20% of the content is carried out for the purposes set by employers in the region.


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