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School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In the school year 2019/20 there are 477 secondary school students in our school being educated for the areas of electrotechnics, mechatronics, computing and telecommunications. Classes are held from 8 a.m. to 14.35 p.m.  Practical lessons are held in specialized classrooms and workshops in the school and also in Business-to-Business Training Center (MIC).

mic solaBusiness-to-Business Training Center (MIC)

The transportation of students to and from school is adjusted to the beginning and end of classes. The transportation from Celje to Velenje is possible either by train or by bus. The transportations from other directions to Velenje are possible by bus. The bus station is in the vicinity of the school. The students are eligible for a subsidized monthly bus passes. The students from remote places can live in the School Center Velenje Students’ Residence. They can also use local free public transport.

Warm meals are provided on a daily basis.

Students can also borrow textbooks from school’s textbook fund.

Many extracurricular activities in school are organized before and after classes.

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Elektro in računalniška šola
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